How to pronounce haitiana,roman number translator,the alphabet

How to read the words of a foreign language?Read moreThe dictionary is being distributed at more than 2,000 schools across Australia.Professor John Murtagh from the School of Languages, Literatures and Literatures at Macquarie University says the app has become a vital tool for many people who speak a foreign tongue.“We’ve got a number of families […]

Which is better for translating the latest Star Wars films?

Translating a new film in the new way is often considered a better choice than translating the original film, but there’s a catch.If you’re looking to improve your ability to translate a new release, it’s often not possible to make an accurate translation of the original.That’s where a translator can help.Here are some tips for […]

Former Australian star says he is ready to play for any club in the world

Former Australian Test cricketer Brett Lee has spoken out about his future and his aspirations for playing in any country in the country of his birth.Lee’s comments have been met with controversy as he has been widely condemned for using racial slurs against players of Pakistani descent.Speaking to a group of journalists in New York, […]

Why you should love this new app called ‘Camera Mate’

The iPhone 5s camera is one of the most powerful and popular phones around.But when it comes to the Android version of it, it can’t seem to get the job done.It doesn’t really offer much in the way of real-time shooting, only video recording and video editing.A new app has emerged that tries to fix […]

How to find the perfect food for your baby’s next meal

Scientists have discovered that when we eat a plant-based diet, our babies get a higher nutritional value than if we ate animal foods.A new study in the journal Science has found that babies’ nutritional requirements are about double what they are when they’re fed human food.The results suggest that humans and animals can share the […]

What are the most popular Bibles in your country?

Google Translate is your favorite translation tool, but for some people, it’s the only one they can use.Here are the top 10 translations that people use the most in the US.1.The Book of MormonBible translation, by Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, has become a staple of the American way of life.Its popularity in the country is […]

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