Which Google Translate app is right for you?

by Paul Joseph Watson,TechCrunch article Chinese researchers have created an app that translates Google Translated images and videos into Chinese, and they say it can actually translate more Chinese words than other translations.In a paper published on January 27 in Nature Communications, the researchers describe the application, called Google Translator, and how it works.The app […]

How to get the best protein synthesis in the gym

The first step to getting the most from protein synthesis is getting the protein synthesis right.But it’s not always as simple as just sticking to the gym routine.There are many factors that affect the quality of protein synthesis.The first and most obvious is the type of protein you are working with.If you are looking for […]

How to read a tweet in Farsi

Farsí is one of the most widely spoken languages in Iran.It is spoken by over 40 million people and it has a long and complex history.It began as a Turkic language in the Middle East, which eventually spread to Europe.Today, it is spoken in Iran, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajika, and Kazakhstan.For the past […]

The best of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country where there is a strong sense of community.In many ways, Czechs are very different from most other countries.But there is one thing they share with most other places: a love for country music.Here are the top five Czech songs to get you started.1.Mårkýs Václav äst: The most popular song […]

When Google Translate doesn’t do your favorite Shakespearean translation

It’s not just Google Translator, it’s not even just Google, Google Translates all kinds of things!I know, it can be hard to tell, but sometimes Google doesn’t know what it is doing.When you’re in search for something, Google can’t tell you what to look for, what you should look for.That’s what happened when I started […]

How to design your next app without breaking the bank

If you’re a developer, you’re probably already thinking about the next steps you should take.There’s a plethora of options out there, and some are already out there.And it’s not just apps that require a little creativity.We’re going to go over some of the best tools out there for building apps that are both simple and […]

Juventus to sign Italian goalkeeper Dario Pizzoli

It is a move which may well be worth keeping an eye on in the transfer market, with the 25-year-old Italian keeper reportedly set to sign a contract extension.Sport Italia understands that the Serie A side will announce the move in the coming days.Pizzoli has been linked with a move to Napoli and Inter Milan, […]

Is the Hominid Fossil Evidence of a New Species?

Posted May 08, 2019 06:02:50 While some scientists and palaeontologists are excited by the discovery of the first fossil of a hominid species, others are not so sure.One such sceptic is the paleontologist and author J. Peter Lyell, who believes the species is Homo erectus.Lyell published an article in the journal Nature this month that […]

Apple Pay support in Android apps could be added to iOS, says analyst

AAPL CEO Tim Cook is expected to make a big announcement today about Apple Pay, according to Bloomberg’s Adrian Chen.The company plans to release a new version of the Apple Pay app in the next couple of weeks.Chen reports that Apple is likely to include a feature to support iOS 7 and up, though Apple […]

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