How to make your life easier with a virtual reality app for your phone

I’m not going to lie, I used to love watching movies and TV shows on my phone.I just used it to check my email and do homework.But in the past couple of years, I’ve been a bit more selective about the movies I watch, and I’m more likely to watch TV shows like Homeland and […]

Google Translate and Siri are now available in Spanish

Google Translator is now available for Spanish speakers.The company announced today that it has released a new version of Google Translates the Spanish-language version of its Translator app, which can be used to translate texts and audio files.The Spanish-only version of the app now has a new, simplified interface that looks much cleaner than the […]

Translator for Google Translate

A new Google Translator application is available to translators in India, making it possible to translate and access Google Translated documents from across the world.Translators are able to add translations for Google Docs, Google Drive, Google DocView, Google Translator, and Google Translations, which are also available for the native app on iOS and Android.Google announced […]

Indians and Indonesians to work together for economic development

The Indo-Indonesian Economic Forum (IEEE), a partnership of Indonesian companies and indigenous companies, will invest $1 billion to promote cooperation in India.“Indonesia and Indonesia have long been at loggerheads, and it is our hope that this cooperation will help us to address issues that we are facing in our region, such as food insecurity, environmental […]

Which of the following is the most commonly used word in the Australian language?

Translational Research (US) title What are the best words in the English language?source Google Science (US), Google News, Google Translate article English language articles translated by Google Translator article Translations of English language books and other documents in Google Translated article Translator’s Tips: Learn more about how to use Google Translations

Why is my phone slow in English?

Posted November 13, 2018 04:23:24The smartphone has become the best device for everyone in the world, from small-town residents to global corporations, but its translation capabilities are still in a state of flux.A recent study by Microsoft found that most people use the iPhone in less than 10% of their conversations.To understand why this happens, […]

When Google Translate Translates Hebrew to English for Stock Trading

Google Translators use Google Translator to translate text into a variety of languages to improve the quality of their translation.But it’s a problem for some of the world’s biggest tech companies.Google’s translation services have become a major headache for Alphabet Inc., which has a $20 billion valuation and a $400 billion market cap.The company said […]

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