How to find the right language in the Philippines

In 2016, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte signed a law banning the use of foreign languages in the country, and the country was forced to change its official language from Tagalog to Malay.

Now, with the country’s government in the midst of a political crisis, many are questioning whether or not the country should continue to use foreign languages to communicate with the outside world. 

“I feel the government is trying to make Tagalog sound foreign.

The only way they can do this is by saying Tagalog is a foreign language,” said Ana Rios, a Malay-born resident of the Philippines.

Rios, who is studying English at the University of the Andes in Quezon City, has lived in the United States since she was a child.

Since 2016, she has been using Tagalog, the local language, when speaking with other Malay Filipinos in the US.

“The government should understand Tagalog has been used for a long time,” she said.

Ros and others have criticized Duterte’s use of Tagalog as part of a ploy to increase the countrys popularity among Filipinos, which they say has been based on the country having a great economic growth rate.

“They are trying to get people to think that we are the second coming of Japan,” said Rios.

“We have a great development potential, and they have made a lot of promises.”

Duterte’s recent crackdown on crime has led many Filipinos to fear that the country is on the verge of becoming a police state, and that it is not in a position to properly police itself. 

According to Rios and other Malays, the lack of public security in the city of Cebu has made the situation much worse.

“I have not seen any Filipino security guard, let alone a police officer, since I have moved here,” said Nuno Alvarado, a Filipino-American resident of Cibao City.

“You see them everywhere, on every street, in every public place.”

According to Alvarados mother, there are many reasons why she is fearful of the Philippine government.

“It is becoming a war zone, and we don’t know what is going to happen to us if we are not safe.

They have not done anything to stop the drug trade.

And most of the problems are not going to get solved if they are not working,” she told Newsweek.

Alvarados worries that Duterte will resort to a “pivot to China” if his government is unable to deal with the drug problem.

“If the Duterte government fails to solve the problem, I believe the Chinese will try to do it themselves.

And that would mean they will take over the country.”

Alvarado also worries that the Philippine police force may not be up to the task of keeping Filipinos safe from drug traffickers.

“There are many police officers in Cebuan and they don’t really have the ability to deal effectively with drugs,” she explained.

“People are afraid of going to police stations, because they feel they have no protection from the drug lord.”

In Cebuy, a town on the outskirts of Cipote City, Alvaradas family is currently facing problems.

“My mother, my sister and I are currently facing an increase in crime,” she added.

“Our home has been robbed twice in the past month.”

In a recent interview with the local media, a man identified only as Nino said that he and his family are now afraid to return to Cebucos city due to the increasing violence.

“I have been kidnapped and tortured, and my sister has been killed by unknown people,” Nino told the local paper, the Cebayan Times.

“Even the police have been involved in the murders.

It has gotten so bad, that we have to go to other places.”

Nino, who lives in a dormitory, was unable to contact his family during the recent crackdown.

“In the past two months, we have been told by the police that if we want to leave Cebuchan, we will have to get married in the same place as the kidnappers,” he told Newsweek, adding that his mother and sister were kidnapped from Cebugans house in Cibuy City.

“If we are to leave, we are going to have to have a marriage ceremony in the Cibuchan City where our mother lives,” Ninos mother added.

“My sister and myself, we do not want to be married in Cucuy City because we are afraid that we will be killed.”

Ninos family has also been in the dark about the drug cartels that have been active in Cuepo City, which is a city located in Cocabao City, the southern Philippines.

According to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), in 2016, Cuepoes police department had seized more than 4,000 kilos of cocaine from a warehouse in Cuyo City.

In Cuepan, the situation is

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