When you want to translate a Dutch word, don’t translate it in English

DER SPIEGEL title The world is a weird place when it comes to translation article ENGLAND’S TRANSLATOR IS IN ANOTHER STARS TRIP article In Germany, the news of the first time the word ‘dutch’ has been used as a translation for ‘swede’ has dominated the headlines.

In the Netherlands, however, the word is still used as slang, meaning ‘troublemaker.’

The Dutch and German media are struggling to deal with the controversy.

The two countries have had a tense relationship since last year’s Brexit vote.

The German media have been in a political tussle with the country’s right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has been gaining traction in recent months.

German broadcaster ARD said on Tuesday that the word had been used in English as a joke, in the same way as ‘cantonese’ in English.

The word is not in the dictionary.

Instead, ARD quoted a Dutch source saying that ‘swedish’ is an English word and that the news about the word’s misuse has caused a lot of anger among the Dutch people.

In Germany, news of a translation was met with applause from politicians and politicians’ supporters, who say the word should be respected.

German media outlets have not only covered the controversy but also have been critical of the media.

The NRC (National Radio and Television Commission) said that it will be examining the incident.

German daily Der Spiegel quoted a senior police officer who said that the police had received complaints from locals that they were being bullied.

It added that the Dutch government has already apologized to the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands and in Germany, both the word used as ‘swedes’ and the word it translates as ‘bad boy’ are part of the national vocabulary.

But in the United States, where the word was coined in the 1970s, it is often misused.

The word ‘sweden’ is a colloquialism, used by American families to refer to members of the United Kingdom and the United states, the latter of which was founded in 1707.

The Dutch word ‘hobnob’ is also commonly used in American circles to refer not to a party but to a group of people who gather together for a night out, often for a dance.

Sweden, like many countries in Europe, is also a destination for immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

Swedish police have responded to the news by announcing that the national police will be investigating the incident, but they did not provide any further details.

In Sweden, the government has launched an investigation into whether the word has been misused in the context of the migrant crisis.

The Swedish Migration Agency has also been investigating whether the ‘Swedes’ word has become used to insult migrants.

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