How a new translation of the Bible came to be the world’s most popular translation

The new edition of the New World Translation, the Bible’s oldest English translation, has captured the hearts of believers around the world.

But it is also the world record holder for most people who say they’ve used the Bible in a translation, according to a study by Oxford University’s Department of Translation.

The study, published in The Journal of World Religions, found that more than 1.6 billion people have used the English translation of Genesis.

The report also found that people who use the translation are more likely to read it aloud, which can help translate Bible stories that are more complicated.

The new translation is based on the Bible, with the help of more than 2,000 people who have been translating the text for nearly 50 years.

The researchers also looked at whether the translation has been translated accurately and whether the original text can be found.

The Bible is considered the official English version of the Quran, which was written more than 700 years ago.

For more than 100 years, people have been trying to translate it from Arabic to English.

But only one English version has been published, and it was the Bible itself, with all of its verses.

The New World translation was based on two Bible translations that were used by Muslims during the Crusades.

The first translation, called the Arabic Version, was written in the 12th century and was a translation of Hebrew texts.

The second, the Syriac, was completed in the 13th century.

But after the French Revolution, the translation of scripture was restricted to the Vatican, which banned the use of Hebrew.

So in 1803, the New York Baptist Society published a translation in English.

In 1865, the Oxford Bible Society began using the Bible to translate the Bible into English.

The Oxford Bible was the first English translation to be accepted by the British Royal Society, which also included the Oxford University Press.

The work of William Shakespeare, who translated the Bible for King James, was published in the first edition of The King James Bible in 1611.

But the Oxford translation was published only in 1837 and was never widely used.

The last English edition was published by the Oxford and Cambridge Bible Departments in 1968.

Since then, there have been three more editions of the King James Version, but the Oxford edition is still considered the authoritative translation.

The Times article says: “But the Bible is not a textbook and it is often a difficult subject to grasp.

A more difficult subject is the meaning of the texts, which many of the translators have struggled to convey.

Its authors have spent centuries studying and perfecting it, including the King’s translators, who, by their sheer brilliance, have achieved the best translation in the world today.” “

The Oxford Bible is the most influential of all Bible translations.

Its authors have spent centuries studying and perfecting it, including the King’s translators, who, by their sheer brilliance, have achieved the best translation in the world today.”

The Times reports that the Oxford New World Bible has now been used in more than 150 million translations, and is the third-most-popular translation after the King Louis-Philippe Bible and the English Bible.

The newspaper reported that the new translation has become the world standard, with more than one billion people using it to read the Bible.

But critics have said that the translation is too easy.

The Washington Post reported in 2014 that the English language has grown to contain more than two billion words, compared to the more than 500,000 that were translated in the previous generation.

The Post wrote: “It’s a wonder that the Bible has remained in the same form for so long.

The text is not that difficult to translate, but it’s not so easy to read.”

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