Why you should love this new app called ‘Camera Mate’

The iPhone 5s camera is one of the most powerful and popular phones around.

But when it comes to the Android version of it, it can’t seem to get the job done.

It doesn’t really offer much in the way of real-time shooting, only video recording and video editing.

A new app has emerged that tries to fix that problem, and it’s called Camera Mate.

It comes in two flavors, Camera Mate Pro and Camera Mate, but it’s basically the same thing.

The Pro version is for those who want a big camera with better image quality, and the Mate is for the more casual consumer who just wants to take some photos and take them.

But you won’t find many of the bells and whistles of the Mate.

Camera Mate Pro is a $49.99 package, and you get the same 8-megapixel sensor as the Pro version, a 16-megapixels sensor with optical image stabilization, HDR, a 1080p video recording capability, a wide-angle lens, and a macro lens that can shoot at up to 1.5 feet (0.6 meters).

It has a 16.2-megabit Ethernet port and supports Android 4.4 KitKat.

You get Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and microSD expansion.

The Pro version also comes with some nifty new features like a front-facing flash, built-in noise reduction, a 3D-capable FaceTime HD camera, a 1.3-megabits per second video recording mode, and more.

And, of course, it has a higher resolution sensor and more pixels.

For now, the only difference between the Pro and Mate is the resolution.

The Mate Pro has a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, while the Mate Mate is 2560 x 1440 pixels.

But there’s no real difference between those two versions.

I tested both cameras on the same scene, so I couldn’t say which one is better.

Camera Mates can also be used to take selfies and videos.

So if you have a smartphone with a built- in flash, you can use the Mate to take a selfie.

You can also record videos on the Mate and use it as a video camera.

You just need to have a WiFi-connected device and the Camera Mate app to record the videos.

It’s also possible to use the camera to take photos.

But the only way to do that is to download the free Camera Mate software, which is available for download in the App Store.

You can also buy the Mate Pro, which offers a similar resolution as the Mate, and there are some new features as well.

For instance, you get a higher-resolution sensor for a better image, a new 1080p camera with a faster burst rate, and support for FaceTime.

You also get a wireless charging system, a higher battery life, and better battery life if you’re using the phone for a long time.

Camera Fates can be bought for $129.99, and I tested them both.

I got the higher-res Mate version for $100.

They both have a 16 megapixel sensor and a 2560×1440 pixel resolution.

So you get better-than-average photo quality with higher resolution.

You don’t get the optical image stabilizer, but you get improved noise reduction and faster burst rates.

They also come with Wi-fi 802.

11ac, NFC support, and Bluetooth 4, so you get wireless charging support as well as Wi-imaging.

Camera Aes can be used for selfie photos and videos, too.

But they come with a lower resolution sensor.

They’re still a decent upgrade over the Mate camera, but the only thing they have going for them is that they have the same Wi-FI-enabled wireless charging capability.

And the new camera modes, Photo Mode and Photo Space, are also available.

Photo Mode is basically the new Live mode, which has a bunch of new features that help the camera do what it’s supposed to do.

It includes a front facing flash, better noise reduction for selfies, and an enhanced video recording experience.

Photo Space also has the same front facing camera and video recording capabilities as Live Mode.

But it has some new, advanced features that make it better than the Live mode in general.

The most important of these is the ability to take HDR photos and video.

HDR means that the camera is able to record in a different mode than it normally would.

For example, when you take a photo, you don’t necessarily get the quality you would normally get with your normal photo camera.

So with HDR photos, the camera takes a different image.

When you use it with a photo of your dog, you’ll get a more vibrant image.

Photo Space is basically like this.

You set a different exposure time for each shot, so the photo is different in every shot.

The image is

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