‘A new day in Hindustan’: A new day for Hindustani

The new day has arrived in Hindush, as the Indian government has begun issuing permits to Indian expatriates to live and work in India.

Indian citizens have until December 31 to apply for a visa.

If they apply, they will be able to work in the country and obtain permits to stay for a period of three months, according to a statement by Indian government.

The government has also extended a special visa for Indians living abroad to allow them to work.

The Indian Embassy in New Delhi did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

While most expatriate Indians are Indian citizens, the Indian-American community is also allowed to work and reside in India, as long as they pay taxes on the funds.

They also have access to government services such as health care and education.

Indian-Americans have historically lived and worked in the United States.

While they still do so, the number of Indian-Americans living in the U.S. has fallen significantly in recent years.

India has become home to about 1.1 million Indian- Americans, the largest Indian-origin population outside of India, according a report released by the Pew Research Center in November.

Indian and American expatriacy in the year 2020India is a member of the United Nations (UN) and is an observer state of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

The United States and India have been at odds over issues such as the right of Indians to self-determination and Indian immigrants’ rights.

Indian immigrants have been among the fastest growing segments of the population, growing at nearly 4% a year over the last decade.

The population grew from 1.4 million in the early 1990s to nearly 3 million in 2020, according the United Nation’s Population Division.

The Indian-born population of the U,S.

grew to a record 4.7 million in 2016, according Census Bureau data.

India has been struggling with an aging population, which is set to hit 10.6 million by 2060, according World Bank data.

In 2016, the country’s median age was 38.7 years.

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