Which team is best for Japandroids?

In this issue of NHL.com, writer Brian McGrory takes a look at how Japareids have transformed the NHL.

Here are the questions and answers from this week’s edition of NHL Radio:Are you looking for a new home?

The Buffalo Sabres and Florida Panthers have been linked to the NHL for some time.

How do they compare with other potential suitor?

Is it just about being a hockey team?

What’s the deal with the Sabres?

What are the NHL’s future plans?

Are the Sabres’ new TV contracts a good idea?

Do the Carolina Hurricanes have a shot at winning the Stanley Cup?

Will the Sabres go back to the Pacific Northwest?

Is the NHL going to make changes to its powerplay this season?

Can the Buffalo Sabres make the playoffs this year?

How would the Sabres be playing in their first-round playoff series against the Anaheim Ducks?

The Florida Panthers and Buffalo Sabres are expected to be among the NHL teams bidding for the services of former Sabres captain Jonathan Drouin.

Is there a chance the Sabres would make Drouins head coach?

Would the Buffalo Bills go after an offensive-minded free agent in the next few days?

Will this be the year for the Edmonton Oilers to win the Stanley Cups?

Is it time to get rid of the current coach?

What is it about the New York Islanders that is attracting interest?

Will Mark Streit or Erik Karlsson become the first NHL team to have a successful postseason run?

Is there any possibility of the Buffalo Bayou being an expansion team?

Is anyone interested in the Detroit Red Wings?

Will GM Darcy Regier or GM Jeff Gorton make a deal with St. Louis Blues general manager Doug Armstrong?

Will Ryan Miller be the first goaltender taken in the NHL Draft?

Is Alexei Emelin going to be the starting goaltender?

Can Connor McDavid ever truly be the face of the franchise?

Who will be the NHL MVP in 2018?

Will Patrick Kane continue to be a star?

Will Andrew Ladd or Auston Matthews be the best players on the Sabres roster in 2018-19?

What will be in store for the 2018-2019 season?

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