Google translator is not working anymore

A Google translator that has been causing a lot of problems with translation issues in Malaysia, including for Khmer translators, is now showing no translation at all.

The search giant said in a blog post that it is investigating the issue and is “looking into a fix” for the problem.

Google has been working with the Malaysian government to fix the problem and said it will update the translation service for Malaysia.

Google is also investigating whether the issue is related to a security breach.

In a statement on Thursday, Google said it is “working with the Malaysia government to improve our service for their users.”

Malaysian officials said the problem was caused by a security issue with the service, which was not immediately clear.

A Microsoft translation service has been a major cause of problems in Malaysia.

Microsoft is offering a free, one-year trial to people who need to translate in Malaysia before they can sign up for a Microsoft translation license.

Microsoft has been providing free translations for Malaysian languages for years.

Google said the translation problem with Microsoft translation is the result of a “system flaw” and the company is working with Malaysian officials to fix it.

The company is offering the free translation for Malaysia for up to two years, after which it will charge for the service.

The Malaysian government said it was “confident” that the problem will be fixed soon.

The problems have also affected Google’s other translation services in the country.

Google’s translation service in Malaysia is showing no translators.

In Malaysia, the Google translator service is showing a message asking users to register.

It is not clear how many translators have registered.

In one case, a search in Malaysia turned up three different translators for the same search query.

The message says the problem has been reported to Microsoft.

In another case, the message was missing the last word, and there were no translator results.

Google does not say how many people are affected by the problem in Malaysia but said that it was investigating the matter.

Google in Malaysia has a total of about 30,000 translators working in the region, including some from outside the country, Google spokesman Daniel Blumberg said in an email.

Google says its free service will be discontinued in Malaysia within two months.

Microsoft in Malaysia will continue to provide free translation services for Malaysian users for two years.

Microsoft’s translation team said that there are about 5,000 people registered with the translation platform who are working with Microsoft in the countries where they work.

Microsoft says it has a contract with Microsoft to provide translations for Malaysia, but it does not guarantee that they will be delivered, said the company in a statement.

The Microsoft translation team in Malaysia said that the translation issues have been a result of an “internal” problem that the team is working to resolve.

Microsoft said in its statement that it would provide updates on its translation service.

Google also said it has fixed the translation issue in Malaysia and is working on it.

Google will not be able to offer free translation in Malaysia for another two years after that.

The news comes just days after Google in China announced it would stop offering free translation of Mandarin in China and Vietnam.

The move by Microsoft came after Google, Microsoft and other tech companies in China said they would stop translating Mandarin in the mainland, where most of the country’s Internet users live.

The companies said that their plans were in line with China’s government policy that encourages the use of the language.

The government has said that Chinese authorities will not allow foreign companies to use its government-run language service.

Microsoft announced that it had stopped providing Mandarin translations for a wide variety of products, including apps for smartphones, gaming consoles and laptops.

Microsoft also stopped offering translation for Chinese-language services in India, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

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